Statutory/Public Insurance

I offer psychotherapy for patients with statutory health insurance.

The costs for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy are covered by all German statutory/public health insurance companies. Billing is handled via the insurance card, which should be brought to the first appointment as well as at the beginning of each quarter. If you have had psychotherapy in the last two years, please let me know, as this may affect the process of formally applying for therapy with the health insurance company.

Private Health Insurance

The costs of psychotherapy are usually covered by private health insurance. However, the number of reimbursable therapy sessions may vary depending on the insurance or individual rates. It is therefore advisable to check with your insurance company as to whether your plan includes reimbursement for psychotherapeutic treatment, how many sessions are reimbursed and which formalities need to be taken into account when seeking psychotherapy.

Fees for therapy are charged in accordance with the Schedule of Fees for Psychotherapists (GOP). 

State Aid / “Beihilfe” 

The reimbursement of costs by professional associations and aid agencies is usually unproblematic. It is advisable to inquire about the relevant formalities with your aid office in advance.

As is the case with private insurance companies, a single session of therapy for eligible persons is billed according to the Schedule of Fees for Psychotherapists (GOP).


Treatment can be provided on a self-pay basis. 

The details of the treatment are defined in a treatment contract. The fee is based according to the official schedule of fees for psychological psychotherapists (GOP).